"One of the best performances of the night, for many the best , was the one of cellist Eugene Osadchy and pianist Anastasia Markina, with "Sonata for Cello and Piano" and the Romance "Do Not Sing, A Beauty, To Me" by Sergei Rachmaninov . Passionate, with great strength and character, performance deserved the most prolonged applause of the evening."

El Commentario, Colima, Mexico

In Prokofiev's Cello Sonata, Op.119 Osadchy's playing was absolutely gorgeous. He has a rich, full, round cello tone, beautiful vibrato which he adjusts to the mood of each movement and superlative technical finesse. Prokofiev can throw some unusual demands at the string player especially, and Osadchy managed them with brilliance. The ending of the first movement was spine-tingling, principally because the two musicians were working together to create one piece of Prokofievian lushness. Osadchy’s col legno really spoke, his double-stop harmonics were amazing, and through it all, he maintained an atmosphere of playful insouciance, as if these obstacles were no big deal at all. 

J. Robin Coffelt, Theatre Jones

Mr. Osadchy possesses a very rich tone. . . a marvelous performer with white-hot passion throughout. . . very fine music making. . .

Mr. Osadchy is steeped in the great tradition and it's good to know that there are ardent keepers of the flame. . .

Fred Kirshnit, The New York Sun

I’ve never heard that high-register cello sound more stingingly heartfelt than from Osadchy's touch.

They were all fine, and especially Osadchy with his background notes, every one scenic perfection. (Brahms Clarinet Quintet)

Lloyd Dykk, The Vancouver Sun

Osadchy is equally impressive, revealed here as a poet: translating the sweet sadness of the Russian psyche with both authority and grace.

"Paragon of Russian élan"

Michael Scott, The Vancouver Sun

His love for music showed in every note, every pause. It showed in the tremendous skill and concentration required to maintain absolute perfection of tone, and a certain hidden tension balanced with a surface serenity.

Maev Brennan, The Daily Courier

I felt most fortunate to hear Eugene Osadchy, who played with gorgeous richness that I longed to hear more of.

Nicole Tsong, Anchorage Daily News

From the fierce knit of his brows to his expression of pure bliss, Osadchy was a visual treat as his passionate playing spurred his fellow musicians on to a performance Mendelssohn would have been proud to witness. (Mendelssohn Piano Trio in D Minor)

Noelle Hahn, Anchorage Daily News

The riveting cellist Eugene Osadchy reached deep for that "magical connection" between musician and audience.

Louise Whitney, The Georgia Straight

Extraordinary playing by Mr. Osadchy on cello.

Olin Chism, The Dallas Morning News

Cellist Eugene Osadchy showed a fine array of carefully applied nuances in the expressiveness of his beautifully sounding instrument, coloring Schumann's Fantasy Pieces into a musical painting with delicate shadings.

Karel ten Hoop, White Rock Review

Eugene Osadchy's performance was very powerful, engaging and inspiring, particularly the range of his great tone. If you did not attend this concert it would be difficult to imagine how beautiful and potent the sound of a cello could be. The resonance of Mr.Osadchy's cello was amazing. It was also touching, moving, and motivating to hear such mastery, perfection and outstanding brilliance.

The Dallas Chinese Times